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Downloading Instructions

How To Download Free Programs

Click on the title of a program you wish to have

Choose 'Add To My Picks' in the lower right.

Continue adding items to 'Your Picks' until you have selected as many as you like.

To preview what you have in 'Your Picks' click on 'My Picks' in the upper right side bar.

When you have all that you need, choose 'Finish' from the upper right side bar.

Follow the checkout pages - confirmation of your name and address, confirmation of what you have put in 'Your Picks'.

The final page of the checkout will have 'download' buttons next to each item in 'Your Picks'. One at a time, right click on each button and choose 'Save Link as...' which will open up a folder in your computer. Create a special folder where you can store all your HELPS downloads.

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