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Item Name Occasion- Program Type

50's Diner

Great ideas for planning a 50's style night!
Anytime Openings/ Outlines

A Cure For The Heart

A Home League Program centered around having a “healthy” heart. KEY WORDS: Heart, Valentine’s, Winter, valentines
February Openings/ Outlines

A Day At The Beach

A fun program that can be done at the beach or inside. KEY WORDS: Beach, Sand.
Summer Openings/ Outlines

A Modern Day True Story

A Home League devotional, originally created as part of the 'Dream' Candidates focus. Submitted by Captain Rachel Price
Commitment Sunday Openings/ Outlines

Aches and Pains

September is National Arthritis Month in Canada. Key Words: Arthritus, Pain.
September Openings/ Outlines

All About Traffic(k)

A program that can be used to bring awareness of the need for prayer specifically for those affected by human trafficking. KEY WORDS: Human...
Trafficking Openings/ Outlines

And God Created Lavender

A women's program idea on the topic of Lavendar - includes devotional, game, trivia and more.
Spring Openings/ Outlines


Fun facts, games and readings about apples. KEY WORDS: Apple, Fruit.
Fall Openings/ Outlines

Back To Basics

Lots of great ideas here to create an evening on nutrition and the value of medicinal healing.
Any time Openings/ Outlines

Black History Month

Historical Home League Program. KEY WORD: History
February Openings/ Outlines

Building a Family God's Way

Home League Program that talks about the importance of family. KEY WORDS: Pictures, Family
Any time Openings/ Outlines

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?

A full program outline filled with both fun and the history of buttons. Key Words: Button, Home League.
Anytime Openings/ Outlines


A fun Home League program using assorted cards. KEY WORDS: Birthday, Card
Anytime Openings/ Outlines

Chocolate The Comforter

Program for Home League that talks about everything Chocolate! KEY WORDS: Chocolate, Valentine’s, valentine, winter
February Openings/ Outlines

Christmas Gathering

Christmas program with the theme: Silver Bells. KEY WORDS: Bells, Christmas, Candle.
December Openings/ Outlines

Clergy Appreciation Month

Ideas to show appreciation to your officers. KEY WORD: Clergy
October Resources

Cups and Saucers

Fun Home League Program on a teacup. KEYWORDS: Cup, Tea.
Anytime Openings/ Outlines

Dogs Best Friend

KEY WORDS:  Dogs, Home League, Games, Devotional
Any time Openings/ Outlines

Don't Step on my Toes

Home League Program.
Any Time Openings/ Outlines

Footprints - Women's Program

This women's devotional program is designed around the concept of following in Jesus' footsteps.
Any time Devotional

Friends - God's Way of Taking Care of Us

A full Home League program, complete with Poems, Game, Songs suggestions, and Devotional - all about the role Friends play in our lives. KEY WORDS:...
Any time Openings/ Outlines

Fun With Advertising

A Home League Program with everything you need for your hour together: Prayers, Scripture verses, Chorus suggestions, Game.
Any Time Openings/ Outlines

Garden Party

Great social event! KEY WORDS: Party, Fellowship.
Summer Openings/ Outlines


A full Home League program including songs, readings, devotional. KEY WORDS: Gate
Any time Openings/ Outlines

God's Laundry Mat

A fun program about laundry. Includes games, songs and devotional idea. KEY WORDS: Cleanse, Wash.
Anytime Openings/ Outlines

Gum, Gum and More Gum

A fun program with thoughts and facts about gum.
Any time Openings/ Outlines

Guy Fawkes Night_Bonfire Night

Great idea for an outdoor evening program with a campfire, or bonfire where permitted. KEY WORD: Campfire
November Openings/ Outlines

Happy Days - Women's Meeting

An outline on the theme of Happy Days.
Women's Fellowship Openings/ Outlines

Here Comes The Bride

Time to take out your wedding gown and pictures for this wedding event. KEY WORDS: Bride, Wedding.
Anytime Openings/ Outlines

How Good is Your Memory

A full Home League Program where ladies will enjoy reminiscing about the past. KEY WORDS: Memories
Any time Openings/ Outlines

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